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Whole-Life Collaborative


The Whole-Life Collaborative resource page provides alumni of our programs and interested practitioners access to materials that help them empower others to develop holistic worldviews, appreciative approaches and transformative practices toward healthy homes and flourishing communities


If you are a graduate of any of our regular programs, please sign-in to view our library.

Don't have a sign-in? Sign-up today to gain access to core lessons and methodologies for developing whole-life discipleship in your context. Please note that additional resource pages are only available for alumni of the Discipling for Development Training Academy, a ministry of the Navigators®️. Visit to join one of our upcoming programs and further your journey of empowering communities to own their flourishing.

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These core studies serve as a foundation to understanding God’s intent for humans. We encourage you to continue your own formation around these ideas and invite others in this process.


These lessons provide an environment of self-discovery and revelation by the Holy Spirit. We recommend using these materials in your one-to-one discipleship, small groups and teaching spaces.

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Each of us live in a community made up of smaller communities of tribes, affinities and relational networks, like households. These development practices can help families, neighbors and leaders discover specific steps they can take to be all that God intends for them to be.


Whether living remotely or in a high-density city block, we are invited to seek the wellness, shalom-making, of our context. These lessons are made available exclusively to alumni who participate in quarterly networking. We recommend using these with a team as you explore how to adapt whole-life discipleship to the unique opportunities and obstacles present right where you live.

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